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5 rooftops 4 neighbourhoods, sun, rain and photography. #rooftops with Cornel Lazia

Photo credit: Alex Iacob/

Last weekend was the #rooftops photography workshop coordinated by Cornel Lazia. In the words of Cornel "On the roofs all the sounds merge into a certain tonality, which I like to think gives the city an auditory signature that becomes relatively emblematic of the city itself."

We started at Nor Sky Casual Restaurant, 136 meters above the city, where Cornel gave a presentation on how he approaches photography. The sky was clear and, being cold outside, visibility was very good (hint: the colder it gets the visibility is the better). At one point, a hawk passed by and posed for photos like a professional. Then, we moved from the north of Bucharest to Pantelimon, to the water tower managed by the Make a Point Association. With a bit of height sickness, we climbed the metal staircase that surrounds the tower and photographed blocks, shapes and lights characteristic of the neighborhood. From Pantelimon we moved to Prelungirea Ghencea where we climbed a high building and where we detached ourselves from the noise of the city and photographed it as a conglomeration of blocks of flats pressed by clouds.

The last two rooftops brought us back to the center, being an interesting counterpoint to the bedroom neighborhoods photographed until then. First we went to the Sheraton Hotel, with a unique view of the Romană - Grădina Icoanei areas, where we caught a little rain and a rainbow; then to Magheru One, where we arrived just in time for the blue hour. The second day was the feedback, with Cornel commenting and offering suggestions on the participants' photos.

We leave you with some photos of the rooftops atmosphere and get back to work as we have a busy week ahead - on November 26 and 27 we are waiting for you at the CdRF Foto Market. The whole team is coming (including Cornel and his wonderful photos). We promise to show you carefully printed photos, offer advice on the best visual gifts to give friends and family this December, play nice music carefully chosen by our team, talk about photography, and on Saturday evening, from 6:30 p.m., we are waiting for you with a glass of wine at Mezanin to socialize and present who we are and what we want from life.

See you Saturday!

CdRF team


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