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Informal discussions where we invite you to chat. We will also have special guests, it won't just be us and our photographers. We hold these meetings to get to know each other and to plan the development of CDRF so that it fits the needs of the photography-consuming and creative public.

Educational resources

course of 180 hours, with 4 modules and 6 lecturers, intended for all those who want to take photography from a to z, or from the history of photography to a personal portfolio. The course is accredited by the ANC, with participants having the opportunity to opt for the exam and obtain the specialization diploma. 

A series of short courses, on various topics, intended for both photographers and amateurs or the public. Some are educational, some are professional.

Photography workshops, designed to be a creative experience, an opportunity to practice and an opportunity to socialize. The workshops are 70% practical, 25% feedback and 5% theory.

Masterclasses about photography. We bring both Romanian and international photographers. In 2023 we will have 3 masterclasses held by photographers from Norway.

Over 100 albums, books and magazines with and about photography in library; to which we add access to all major streaming platforms for good movies to visually analyze. Studio and developing room designed for learning and experimentation and workstations for practicing processing.

Professional resources

Personalized services, designed for professional development. We can talk about work processes and archive management, photo sales or simply support for portfolio development. 

Area the center is at your disposal for photo selection and processing sessions, for work meetings or for smaller photography projects that require studio resources. Also, CdRF team is in the area and can support with information, advice or advice (requested). 

Community resources

Meetings weekly community events with special guests, discussions and networking. Meetings become both an educational and a professional resource

Exhibitions, openings and other events Fantasy; opportunities to create, to admire, to meet new artists.

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