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The Photography School is a program run by the Photography Resource Center. 


We believe in the talent of Romanian photographers and want to contribute to the internationalization of Romanian photography. At the same time, we aim to build communities of photography enthusiasts and to be a bridge between Romanian photographers and the photography public. In photography, no subject is off limits. We especially encourage/expose brave photographers willing to explore and break patterns. 


Our educational program contains courses and workshops designed to develop theoretical knowledge about photography as an art but also about photography as a job, to practice and perfect technical skills, to develop photographers aware of what they want to photograph and what they want to say through their photographs. From composition, light or the history of photography to a full course with European recognized certification; from one-day workshops to 3-month courses. At the same time, the full course at the School of Photography is one of the most complex photography learning programs that currently exists in Romania. For any questions related to the CdRF program please consult FAQ or write to us at

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