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CdRF. We have launched

The mission of the Photography Resource Center (CdRF) is taking Romanian photography to more international dimensions; we want Romanian photographers and their photos to have a greater presence, higher value and better visibility on international markets on the long term. In our view, an integrated system is needed to combine the synergies of education, work opportunities, exposure, production and sale of photography. CdRF's core pillars are educational, artistic and entrepreneurial consulting. We put the photographer in the center and try to offer solutions for his/her needs, from workflow and technical organisation to exposure, promotion and support in artistic endeavours.

CdRF was conceived and planned by a homogeneous group with experience in various fields of photography. The coordination is ensured by Andreea Leu, Olga Abramescu and Alex Molovata and Ioana Moldovan, Andrei Păcuraru, Adrian Bulboacă, Cornel Lazia, Cristina Irian, Ionuț Staicu and Silviu Gheție are the center's core team. Each of them becomes a teacher, facilitator and mentor in relation to the CdRF community; each helps create the frame needed to bring the photograph into focus.

In 2022 we are launching a program of courses, workshops and events. At the beginning of 2023, we are launching the 180-hour CdRF flagship course, given by 6 professors and accredited by ANC (The National Qualifications Authority), which starts with the history of photography and ends with a personal portfolio. Also in 2023, thanks to the partnership we have with Morten Bruun, we are bringing specialists and photographers from Norway for masterclasses and events in Bucharest. Last but not least, we have thought about and will launch artistic residencies, curate exhibitions and in the second half of the year we will organize a photography festival.

For professional photographers we propose specialization courses, CdRF meetings for networking and discussions about photography, customization services according to their needs and a sustained approach to selling prints (not as a stock image but as an artistic product). For amateurs we propose longer or shorter courses, more theoretical or more practical (e.g. Introduction to photographic technique, Photo editing or the 180-hour course), photo workshops, one Tuesday per month of experiment (an event dedicated to the CdRF community in which we create, we play, we break rules under the guidance of a professional) and CdRF events. For non-photographers who appreciate photography, we offer photography history courses, exhibitions, print sales events and CdRF meetings. And for those who work with photography but do not take photos, we offer courses such as Product photography for entrepreneurs or B2B services.

The CdRF space will be open from January 2023 and will include a library with over 100 titles, workspace (for post-processing), a small studio for experiments and learning, and a dedicated exhibition area. From January 2023 we will meet every Tuesday evening at the experiment session, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings at classes (theoretical sessions), Fridays at openings and CdRF meetings, Saturdays and Sundays at practice sessions and workshops. Until then, we are waiting for you at the courses and workshops announced for this end of 2022 on, at the CdRF meetings at Studio Opera (Sfinții Apostoli 44) and we invite you to the Mezzanine (Palatul Universul) on November 26 and 27 at the first print sale event.


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