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IS THIS A FEST? - photography days in Bucharest

When: August 28 - September 3

Where: Photography Resource Center / Popa Tatu 68

It happens. How do we celebrate the opening of the Photography Resource Center (CdRF) other than with pomp (or, rather, with fest)?

IS THIS A FEST? it's an artistic, educational and photography promotion event for any photography enthusiast, from amateurs to professionals with fancy lenses.

With and about photography, IS THIS A FEST? comes to the aid of aspiring photographers. We know what it's like to get lost in all the tips & tricks content on YouTube. We offer four workshops on introduction to composition (August 28, with Andrei Păcuraru), product photography with the phone (August 29, with Sorin Florea), portraiture (August 30, with Cornel Lazia) and aesthetics (August 31, with Adi Bulboacă) .

Between September 1 - 3 we organize openings (we fill the walls with photos and marvel at them), artist talks (because it's not enough to take a photo, you have to talk about it), parties (how artists feel good ), masterclass (for master photographers), portfolio reviews (for photographers looking for a job or who want to sell themselves better) and partnerships with other galleries (networking at its best).

To make the experience complete, the photography festival IS THIS A FEST? brings together some of the best Romanian and Norwegian photographers. We want international recognition of Romanian photography.

There is nothing like it in the cultural landscape of Bucharest, a "home" for photography lovers. CdRF provides an ideal space to spend the day, the Is This Art? gallery, a haven for amateurs, beginners or experts in photography, but we welcome you even if you just want to drink a good coffee. We connect photos with each other, but also with professionals from other fields and with the general public.


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