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Time & Location

Sep 01, 2023, 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

CdRF, Strada Popa Tatu 68, București, România

About the event

The mission of CdRF is to support photographers from Romania. The opening of "Is This a Fest?" is "The Wireless Phone" photography exhibition. The project belongs to a collective of photographers: Gabriela Panțu, Magda Fulger, Emilian Avrămescu, Marius Surleac, Ramona Copil, Silvia Dinca, Sorin Marius, Marius Cinteză, Dan Stănilă, Gabriela Pătrășcan, Raluca Lupașcu, Elena Răceală and Adrian Mitu. We welcome you to the exhibition, where the authors will be present, at CdRF starting from 6:00 PM. After this, we invite you to the next exhibition in the same space, featuring Cornel Lazia's exhibition in the "Is This Art?" gallery.


"The Wireless Phone" follows the concept of a classic childhood game where one photographer captures an initial image and then passes the baton to the next, who creates an image inspired by the first. The playful approach of this endeavor has allowed different artistic styles to harmonize within a coherent and emotionally moving project. The black-and-white chromatics, sometimes graphic and sometimes more subtle, create a story of silhouettes and gestures in ever-present landscapes with a touch of nostalgia. The project began in July 2022 and concluded in February 2023.


About photographers:


Gabriela Panțu

For Gabriela, photography is a passion that allows her to artistically translate ideas and emotions, stimulates her creativity, helps her find balance and discover new things about herself. Additionally, it allows her to join those who, through artistic means, address the subjects that attract her - themes that explore human nature and society.


Magda Fulger

Magda is an amateur photographer from Constanța. Magda's photography can be described as graphic, abstract, often surreal and poetic. Her works have been selected in many collective exhibitions (in Romania and abroad), published in international magazines and displayed in curated galleries. She has had three solo exhibitions, two of which included album releases. Currently, she is a member of the Constanța Cultural Association (Asociația Kulturale Constanța). More about Magda can be found in the following link:


Emilian Avrămescu

Emilian is a legal consultant. He started to delve into photography in 2012 when he enrolled in the art photography courses organized by the "Teodor Burada" County Cultural Center in Constanța. In 2014, he won first place in the Social and Documentary Photography section - Vama under Oscar International Visual Arts Festival. Most of his recent photographs are taken with a mobile phone. Emilian Avrămescu is present in both national and international photographic space, and his works can be found in various exhibitions, e-books, collections, and online galleries, such as 1X, Photographic Mercadillo, Oneeyeland, Artfreelife, Photoimaginart, Art Limited, On Spot Gallery, Street Core Photography - SCP eZine,, Street Level Photography, Street Photography Top Selection, Urban Street Photography Gallery, etc.


Marius Surleac

Marius Surleac is a bioinformatician, writer and photographer. His photographs have been published in magazines and online galleries such as 1x, One Eyeland, Vogue Italia, 100ASA, PiART, Terra Quantum, Photographize, Dodho, Worbz, BLUR Magazine, etc. He has portfolios exhibited in Photographize (US), Influx Gallery (UK), and JaamZIN Creative (Singapore). He is curator of the online gallery 100ASA and is a jury member for the New York Photography Awards. He has won awards/mentions in some of the best known international photography contests. For more information, visit


Ramona Copil

Ramona went to a technical college before gravitating towards visual arts, nurturing her creative side. She graduated from UNArte Bucharest in the Sculpture department, yet she prefers photography, which she considers a swift form of art - or, in any case, faster than painting or sculpture.

She has published in OZB and has taken part in various collective exhibitions (RGB Photography, f64, PHOS Street Photography days, National Library). Her work has been exhibited in Germany and Spain and her most important distinction was winning the VSLO trophy, Photography category, in 2019. She prefers styles such as "street," portraiture, and automotive photography, as she has a deep passion for both people and cars. In the automotive field, she collaborated with auto motor and sport and currently photographs for TopGear Romania. The year 2023 has brought her, so far, participation in the Auto Art Show event organized by Autobild Romania, BMW Photo Camp - Lisbon and a collective exhibition branded Photo Trends Festival by VSLO.

You can find more of Ramona's photographs here:,


Silvia Dincă

Silvia works for a multinational company in the accounting department and discovered her passion for photography in 2015. She is drawn to various photography styles: street photography, creative photography, sports photography, travel photography and wildlife photography. She loves hitting the streets, being fascinated by people, children and the unique moments around her. The most impactful shot for her was captured on the African continent, among children, with whom she felt the most authentic sense of happiness.

Sorin Marius

Sorin has been intrigued by the language of light writing since 2012. Throughout this time, he has captured photographs in almost every style and will likely continue to do so in the future. He hasn't taken any formal photography courses and enjoys delving into the secrets of this art form on his own. He views the photographic process as more of a self-description than a capture of the surrounding environment.


Marius Cinteză

Marius is a photographer passionate about creativity and atmosphere. He approaches photography with a fervent passion, fascination and enthusiasm for 25 years, since the film camera era. However, he began consciously photographing and considering photography more than a hobby 20 years ago. He is a member of the "Floarea de Colț" Photo Club in Râmnicu Vâlcea and has been part of the editorial team at since 2016. His works have been featured in numerous national and international photography exhibitions and he has won significant awards in photography competitions and salons. He predominantly captures images in black and white, with his creative space ranging from the photo studio for portraits to the streets for atmospheric photography.


Dan Stănilă

During the day, Dan works as a project manager in a software-producing company, but after 6:00 PM, he attempts a transformation from the precision of his profession to the complete openness required for photography. He embarked on this journey in 2015 with a photography course and over time, what was just a hobby at the beginning evolved into a passion. After an initial beginner's course, many others followed (advanced, street, experimental, composition, fine art), culminating in a lifestyle where imagery relaxes, delights and opens your eyes to see what others overlook due to everyday concerns.

Photography is a way to see beyond the daily reality, a way of making life more beautiful. Learning photography is not like a 100-meter sprint in athletics; it doesn't end when you learn to use the camera. Instead, it's like a marathon, an endless journey of which you don't know the destination but enjoy the experiences along the way.


Gabriela Pătrășcan

Gabriela is a seeker of beauty, so trying to capture it in images and photography was one of the steps she took to get closer to it. She is more drawn to abstract, atmospheric, conceptual, geometric and minimalist images.

One of the joys photography has brought her was a journey to Japan, gifted by the Sony World Photography Award as a result of winning the 2020 Open Instagram Competition.


Raluca Lupașcu

Raluca started crafting her first photographic images 4 years ago. She primarily explores conceptual portrait photography. Her works are curated and highlighted in significant online galleries such as and


Elena Răceală

Elena is a semi-professional photographer currently working as a medical assistant at the County Emergency Clinical Hospital in Constanța. She discovered her passion for photography in 2013 during a trip to Naples and since then, a part of her lives through photography. She enjoys traveling and documenting every place she visits. Elena Răceală started as a self-taught photographer and later attended a series of workshops and online courses. In 2019, she joined the School of Photographic Art in Constanța, Iulia Pană’s class.

The transition from street photography to travel photography has helped her express her emotions and personal vision. Her collections can be classified as Fine Art with surreal or poetic nuances. She has won numerous awards and mentions in some of the most famous international photography contests and has participated in two solo exhibitions in Constanța and Bucharest. Her presence in the photography album "1x" led to numerous appearances in exhibitions and photo albums, the most recent being "Photography in the Visual Culture" and "Women's Essence," organized by Musa International. She curates the 100ASA gallery, an online photography gallery. Always in search of new challenges, she is currently working on multiple projects involving conceptual and documentary approaches. More about Elena can be found at:


Adrian Mitu

Adrian first picked up a film camera in 1994, an event that led him into the captivating world of image capture. In the early 2000s, he transitioned into the digital era while still continuing to work with film. In 2012, he fell in love with street photography, a passion he pursues every day. He is an advocate of documentary/ journalistic photography as well as creative and abstract photography. His works have been featured in numerous national and international photography exhibitions. He has won competitions, been published on multiple photography-related websites and has served as a judge for various photography contests on different themes. He has also collaborated with the phone company OnePlus, acting as a photography ambassador and serving as a judge for their contests.

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