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Personalized feedback for your photo projects from professional photographers


Time & Location

Sep 03, 2023, 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM

CdRF headquarters, Popa Tatu Street 68, Bucharest, Romania

About the event

The event is dedicated to early stage professionals, visual artists working with photography, students (or future art/film students) and advanced enthusiasts. You can bring your works in print or on your laptop/tablet. You will receive constructive feedback on the photos presented, advice on how to arrange your portfolio according to your purpose, and support in organizing your portfolio and developing your photography.


With each reviewer you will have 20 minutes at your disposal. You can book your place with one or more reviewers. After you have bought the ticket, you will be contacted by a member of our team for scheduling.




CORNEL LAZIA - will be available between 11:00 and 16:00

He photographs people, spaces, suspended cities, studies the interaction and influences between the film image and photography, and teaches at UNATC; successfully balances commercial photography with artistic, personal photography. He started as a DOP for visual projects and from 1998 until now has continued as a professional photographer. His love for music introduced him to photography for music albums - you must have seen his photos if you had the album "After Blocks" (B.U.G. Mafia), "In haine noi" (Vank) or, more recently, "Equilibrium" (Man on the Moon ). You have also seen his photos in Elle, Cosmopolitan or Harper's Bazaar; you have also seen them through the advertisements in the city. At the same time, Cornel was and is interested in borders and their visual dialogue, among his latest exhibitions are "Horizon Tales" (Art Yourself Gallery, 2019), "Intersections in Cartierul Creativ" (Cartierul Creativ, 2019) together with Horațiu Șovăială, "Monolith, an Expression of Viewing" (Creart Gallery, 2019) or "Contact" (Art Yourself Gallery 2018).


ADI BULBOACĂ - will be available between 11:00 and 14:00

Photograph artists, shows, trains, stations and moments that evoke emotions; is one of the most famous theater photographers in Romania. You see a Bubblegum almost every time you look at theater posters. He started by photographing his fellow actors of his generation and continued until he exceeded a thousand theatrical, dance and performance performances photographed. For many years already he has been the official photographer of several theater festivals, the TIFF festival or cultural events in Romania. Lately he has discovered his passion for running and when he is not photographing, he is training for or participating in marathons. Adi is the kind of photographer for whom no sacrifice is too great, in the sense that if he is in a new place, he will give up activities like socializing or sleeping to explore with camera in hand. He believes that his role is to give back to the community and he sincerely believes in the importance of the role of teacher, guide, mentor.


ANDREI PĂCURARU - will be available between 11:00 and 16:00

Photograph points, lines, shapes and geometries; he has a special penchant for photographic technique and composition. He has been a photographer for over 15 years, lecturer and member of the National Association for Contemporary Visual Arts. Self-taught, he formed his style through commercial photography, photojournalism and conceptual photography. His works have been exhibited both in Romania and abroad. He is currently the custodian of the PAC Collection, a personal archive started in 2006 containing over 10,000 unpublished photographs. He does not necessarily like to present his photos online, so his images can be seen illustrating books, on their covers or in exhibitions. Last but not least, Andrei thinks in series and projects; he always finds the red thread, is honest and extremely engaging. Expert in photographic technique, explains the photography process like no one else.


SORIN FLOREA - will be available between 11:00 and 16:00

Sorin Florea is a photographer and artist with an inclination in the area of geographical, cultural and anthropological exploration; he says of himself that he is a "creator of stories that need to be told". His works, although they have photography as an approach tool, are not limited to photography, but also often use video and sound.

He exhibited video and photo works at MARe, MNTRplusC in Bucharest and SR Gallery in Brussels. In CdRF you will see Sorin coordinating the gallery "Is this art?"


IONUȚ STAICU - will be available between 11:00 and 16:00

Photographs fashion, beauty, artists and, more recently, product; is passionate about analog photography and a studio Photographs fashion, beauty, artists and, more recently, product; is passionate about analog photography and a studio expert. Ionuț started in 1999 as a fashion photographer, while collaborating with all Romanian profile magazines and all modeling agencies. In addition to fashion pictorials, he is passionate about the world of entertainment and has photographed whole series of artists, especially from theater and dance; he was Adi Bulboacă's mentor, still sharing the same studio. He feels at ease with the device in hand, knows the importance of teamwork and is very generous with information when teaching. In recent years he has moved into product photography and creates visual stories for clients. He likes the border between photo and video, often using elements of movement in his photography. Ionuț completed the center's core team, structuring practice sessions in the studio and planning the camera for developing analog photos.


  • 1 reviewer (20min)

    RON 80.00
    Tax: TVA included
    Sale ended
  • 2 reviewers (40 min)

    RON 160.00
    Tax: TVA included
    Sale ended
  • 3 reviewers (60 min)

    RON 240.00
    Tax: TVA included
    Sale ended
  • 4 reviewers (80 min)

    RON 320.00
    Tax: TVA included
    Sale ended
  • 5 reviewers (100min)

    RON 400.00
    Tax: TVA included
    Sale ended


RON 0.00

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