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Essentials of natural light and studio photography Recommended level: beginners/intermediates


Time & Location

Sep 26, 2023, 6:00 PM – Dec 05, 2023, 5:00 PM

CdRF headquarters, Popa Tatu Street 68, Bucharest, Romania

About the event

Photography is writing with light. Even if you will learn more about the etymology of the word and the origins of photography from Cristina Irian at History of Photography and you will learn how to set your camera according to the light (and lens, context, etc.) from Andrei Păcuraru at Photographic Technique, we believe that light must have its own module. We start with simple information and some natural light practice and then move on to studio lighting. Knowing the ins and outs of how and where you use light, where you place shadow, how you direct light, and of course, how you use studio equipment depending on what you're shooting are essential elements for any photographer.



For this module we have enlisted two professional photographers and light experts - Sorin Florea will give the theory and practical lessons of night photography and Ionuț Staicu will give two studio practices (product and portrait). If when you photograph your friends you put them directly in the sun, if you see wonderful images in the evening but you don't manage to translate them into photos, or if you want to get a little deeper into what studio light means and how it is used, this is the module for you.




Time schedule:


Tuesday, September 26 from 18:00 to 20:30 - Light in photography - theoretical introduction (propagation of light, effect on the subject, propagation in different media) with Sorin Florea



Wednesday, October 18 from 18:00 to 21:00 - Modifiers (fill, bounce) and specific light conditions with Sorin Florea



Saturday, October 21 from 11:00 to 17:00 - Practice in the studio - product photography with Ionuț Staicu



Saturday, November 25 from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. - Practice in the studio - portrait with Ionuț Staicu



Tuesday, December 5 from 18:00 to 21:00 - Practice - night photography with Sorin Florea




About Sorin Florea:


Sorin Florea is a photographer and artist with an inclination in the area of geographical, cultural and anthropological exploration; he describes himself as a "creator of stories that need to be told". His works, even if they have photography as an approach tool, are not limited to this but often use video and sound. He exhibited photo and video works at MARe, MNȚRplusC in Bucharest, at SR Gallery in Brussels and (most recently) at Krucopia Gallery in Barcelona.




About Ionuț Staicu:


Photographs fashion, beauty, artists and, more recently, product; is passionate about analog photography and a studio expert. Ionuț started in 1999 as a fashion photographer. In his career, he collaborated with all the Romanian profile magazines and all the modeling agencies. In addition to fashion pictorials, Ionuț is passionate about the world of entertainment and has photographed whole series of artists; he was Adrian Bulboacă's mentor, still sharing the same studio. In recent years he has moved into product photography and creates visual stories for clients. He likes the border between photo and video, often using elements of movement in his photography.




Other details:


· Total 19.5 study hours + 5 hours/person for individual exercise in the CdRF studio (for those who come to the entire module);


· Maximum 20 seats;


· It takes place at the Photography Resource Center (Strada Popa Tatu, no. 68, Bucharest) and at the Opera Studio (Strada Sfinții Apostoli 22);


· A camera (ideally digital), with manual control and at least a 50mm lens or equivalent zoom is required;


· The module is part of the complete photography course;


· You can choose to follow the whole module or one or more lessons in the module.


  • Advance and seat reservation

    The fee can be paid in installments, but to guarantee a place in the course, an advance payment of 500 lei is required

    RON 500.00
    Tax: TVA included
    Sale ended
  • Full fee

    RON 1,070.00
    Tax: TVA included
    Sale ended
  • Lessons 1&2 Light

    *Participation fee 2 theory lessons with Sorin Florea, 26.09.2023 - 18.10.2023

    RON 660.00
    Tax: TVA included
    Sale ended
  • Product Workshop - 21.10

    *Participation fee "Practice in the studio - product photography with Ionuț Staicu", 21.10.2023

    RON 720.00
    Tax: TVA included
    Sale ended
  • Portrait Workshop - 25.11

    *Participation fee "Practice in the studio - portrait with Ionuț Staicu", 25.11.2023

    RON 600.00
    Tax: TVA included
    Sale ended
  • Night Workshop - 05.12

    *Participation fee "Practice - night photography with Sorin Florea", 05.12.2023

    RON 360.00
    Tax: TVA included
    Sale ended


RON 0.00

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