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4 months of photography, 7 teachers (all active photographers), a community with the same passion as yours. Recommended level: beginner - intermediate


Time & Location

Sep 16, 2024, 6:00 PM

CdRF headquarters, Popa Tatu Street 68, Bucharest, Romania

About the event

We are opening registrations for the Photography School, the 2nd edition, which will start on 02.09.2024.


The photo is taken before the photographer presses the shutter button. This assumes that the photographer knows exactly what he is photographing, from which angle he is photographing, how he uses the light, how he sets the camera, what will come out, how he will post-process and most importantly, what he wants to say with that photograph.

This is the promise of our course – at the end you will know what photo you want to take and how to get it.

The complete photography course is aimed at those who enjoy taking photos and want to learn more about this field. 

We have 7 lecturers, all professional photographers active in artistic and/or commercial photography who will provide information, guidance, support and advice to each individual student, adapted to each one's needs and knowledge.


Study modules:

- The basics of photography

Prehistory of photography, Aristocracy, Democracy, Early digital, Main currents and movements in photography in Europe and USA, Types of photographs and their reading/construction, How you can use the history of photography in everyday practice

- Photographic Technique

Equipment, settings, exposure, photographic effects, composition, perspectives, photographic project and photographic genres, photographic style and post-processing

- Deepening of Photography

-Light propagation, subject effect and modifiers, Studio Light, Natural Light

-Personal style and notions of aesthetics

- Photographic currents from the last 50 years, contemporary photography


Discovering interests in photography, defining motivation, defining a concept and developing a concept


Similarities and differences between photography and the written medium, Use of narrative values in various photographic genres, Time as a narrative agent, Introductory notions of documentary photography and editing a photo reportage/documentary photography project

- Wallet

The importance of the portfolio and its adaptation to the lucrative context, The portfolio between print and online social media, Preparing a portfolio review, Alternative methods of incorporating the portfolio in various promotion formats, Designing and building a portfolio, Initial analysis of images for the portfolio, Choosing the portfolio format according to the purpose, Print – advantages, disadvantages and ways of presentation, Adapting the portfolio to the content and context of the presentation, Final portfolio review meetings and mentoring from CdRF photographers


Basic principles in business photography in Romania, How to present yourself, How to pitch, How to identify sponsorships


About the lecturers in brief:

-Cristina Irian - PhD in art history and theory, artist exhibited nationally and internationally, researcher specialized in photographic archives

-Cornel Lazia - PhD in cinematography and media, nationally and internationally exhibited artist, photographer with over 20 years of experience in the commercial area – fashion, advertisements, music album covers, corporate, etc.)

-Ioana Moldovan (award-winning photojournalist published in some of the biggest newspapers and magazines in the world such as the New York Times, Huffington Post, BBC, Der Spiegel, ESPN, etc.)

-Andrei Păcuraru (photographer with both teaching and commercial experience of over 15 years, founding member of the National Association for Contemporary Visual Arts, contemporary artist)

-Adrian Bulboacă (photographer with over 15 years of professional experience, one of the leading theater and dance photographers in Romania, artist exhibited nationally and internationally)

-Sorin Florea (photographer with over 20 years of professional experience, artist exhibited both in galleries and museums, coordinator of the Is This Art? gallery)

-Ionuț Staicu (photographer with over 20 years of professional experience, focused on commercial fashion and product photography, with award-winning advertising campaigns).


Other details:

· Total 180 study hours, of which 60 theory and 120 practice;

· Between 3 and 4 lessons per week (theory takes place in the evening, Tuesday and Wednesday) and practice on weekends;

· Maximum 20 places;

· It takes place at the Photography Resource Center (Strada Popa Tatu, no. 68, Bucharest);

· Necessary equipment – digital camera with manual control with at least a 50mm lens or equivalent zoom, laptop with processing program installed;

· The course ends with a collective exhibition;

· Students can register for the exam; those who pass the exam obtain a graduation certificate for the specialization in photography, accredited by the National Authority for Qualifications;

· The graduation certificate is recognized at European level;

· A minimum of high school education is required to obtain the ANC certification.


  • Early bird

    Sale ends: Jun 30, 11:59 PM
    RON 6,500.00
    Tax: TVA included
  • Advance for payment in installments

    Sale ends: Sep 16, 5:00 PM

    Full price: 8000 lei

    RON 1,500.00
    Tax: TVA included
  • Advance for payment in full

    Sale ends: Sep 16, 5:00 PM

    Full price: 7000 lei

    RON 7,000.00
    Tax: TVA included


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